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"When I say I am queer, I am saying I am different from straight people. My experience is different, my culture and society are different. When I say I am queer, I am embracing other queers, too, and their diversity. I am acknowledging that there are a lot of people who have been told by straight society that they are not worthy of even the most basic rights. Too queer."
--Victoria A. Brownworth, Too Queer: Essays From A Radical Life

I decided that I needed a new set up a while ago and am finally getting around to actually implementing that idea. So of course one of the first things I needed to do was find a new quote. Too Queer is a book that I read a while ago on the short driving breaks I had while working for UMass Transit one spring break. I was feeling exhausted by the activism I was doing and was looking for something that would remind me why I was doing all that work in the first place. These essays helped me remember that there were many, many people doing this work. I highly recommend this book.

When I first read, and now re-read, Too Queer I do not read the term "queer" to only mean gay, lesbian, bi, trans, etc. Instead I view it as shorthand for people who are marginalized in any way. For me that includes, to an extent, allies of marginalized communities. The only reason I put any sort of limitation on including allies is that it sometimes seems that there are many folks who think that simply calling themselves allies of a community means that they are. There is a great deal more work involved and I think that there are too many incredible people who are doing that work to trivialize it.
Have you thanked an ally today?
I am incredibly lucky to have many such folks in my life and there is really no adequate way for me to show how incredibly grateful I am for all their wonderful work. All I can do is say: Thank You!
Last Updated June 15, 2002